Okay, here's the plan...

I've been wanting to teach photography again, but haven't come up with a way that I think I can add the most value to YOU. I don't want a class that is just a boring "watch these youtube videos and have no engagement" class. Most successful classes online that are free have more than an 80% drop out rate because people aren't engaged and don't have anything on the line. I've come up with something I believe is great that will engage you, hold you accountable to reaching your goals, held in real-time, and catered to the community members.

Here is the vision:

So many of us want the quick answers, we want to eat one healthy meal and all of the sudden have 6-pack abs. Life doesn't work that way and neither does photography. Let's think of it more like a practice or habit (like dieting) where if you change your mindset, you can improve your photography. This course is designed to question your motives, evaluate where you are right now, create a vision for your work, and define what you want out of your photography. I need some help from you developing a consistent and concise curriculum for that practice.

This isn't a course of "just tell me how to do it." It is created for the big thinkers like you who are stuck where you are. Think of it more like a community based creative bootcamp mastermind than a "learn your camera" course. Knowing your camera is important, but knowing "why" you are shooting is even more key. Let's engage in a community driven dialogue that can empower each other to become better. We miss out on the big picture (pun intended) sometimes and this is meant to help you engage with the outside world and focus on what is important in your craft.

Here is the how it will go down:

This course will last one week (February 22nd - 26th, 2016) where there will be different lessons, daily thoughts, shooting prompts, and question prompts. I'll review applications and choose by Friday, February 19th who will be a part of this first course and let you know either way if you will be a part of this first class.

My goal is to use this as a 3 week course (we will see what works best for length) and charge around $500 - $1,000 for admittance into the course depending upon how many Skype sessions people want with coaches. I'm going to beta test all of this the first time for free but if you'd like personal one-on-one coaching sessions I'll implement payment for those.

You can access the class information at anytime (and you can update your notifications so you don't get informed every time someone mentions something).


If you are accepted into this first beta course, you will get access to our group for conversation around a curriculum that I'll set up and you can also engage in conversations about what you might be having issues with. These classes will be capped at a small manageable number and will be focused on learning and pushing this community based learning forward.

Here is what I ask from you if you take this course:

  • Your engagement in the conversations that are going on.
  • Your written review on how this went for you so I can use that to hopefully encourage others to use this course on my upcoming website.
  • Your feedback and ideas so we can learn how to make this better.

If you are still interested, apply below!

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We are going to base our classes in Slack (universal app) and integrate everything in there so you don't have to worry about tons of emails to go through.