Be Part of a Movement

There are millions of people that make a positive difference in their own communities, in their own families, in their own world that we can learn so much from.

I would love to have a meaningful conversation with strangers and get to know them over a simple phone call. By recording our conversations and sharing it with others we can hopefully find commonalities and in a small way restore faith in humanity sharing the stories of good people in the world. Listeners will get to know them as well in real time with me listening to pre-recorded podcasts.

I don't want this to be scripted or planned in any way. You are important and so are your stories. Join me in sharing them.


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I do hereby give the podcast makers, producers, Ryan Morrison, and his team the right to record audio of me in connection with the podcast (tentatively titled "Calling Strangers"). I hereby grant the podcast makers the right to use, edit, display, and distribute the audio as edited and incorporated into the Project throughout the world, in all forms of media in perpetuity. I also affirm that I will have no right to inspect or approve any versions of the Project, including the final version of the Project, and I also affirm that the podcast makers are under no obligation to actually include audio of me in the final version of the Project. I hereby release the podcast makers and all other persons/entities involved in the production from any and all claims and causes of action for any violation of any personal and proprietary right I may have in connection with the Project, including without limitation, any claims or causes of action with respect to invasion of privacy, trespass, right to publicity, and defamation. I acknowledge that I agree to the foregoing without receipt, demand, expectation or legal right to any compensation.