I love people & I love stories.

I don't mind if those stories are shared verbally around a campfire, written on the pages of a book, captured in photography, or shown through a compelling video. Stories are at the core who I am and how I connect with the world.

My profession is sharing stories in a beautiful way that connects with others.

I grew up captivated by National Geographic photography. After attending school for photography I studied verbal and non-verbal communication. Over the years I've worked in the fields of photography, video, website creation, design branding, creative directing, and I was also a trainer for Apple in California and Iowa.

I've been featured GoPro and you may have seen some of my images in DSM Magazine, Downtown Living Magazine, Juice Magazine, and AAA Living Magazine but my true happiness in life comes from being a husband and father. I also enjoy volunteering for local non-profits and spending quality time with friends and family. 

I'd love to connect with you so please email me to say hello!



We all know photography isn’t just about what camera you have in your hands, it is about how you look at and experience the world around you. In this book, I share a few thoughts and stories of how photography has shaped how I approach my own reality by being mindful and present in the moment, embracing experiences, and finding meaning by shifting my own perspective. Life is a beautiful experience and photography can be a great way to experience it.