I speak at conventions & small groups.

Having someone share stories of life is important to our soul.

Some speaking topics can include:
- Crash course on photography
- Photographing your first missions trip
- What to pack when traveling abroad
- Creative storytelling through photography

I have over 10 years of experience in photography and personally mentored hundreds of clients on how to use technology. I also have lots of experience speaking to small groups, medium sized groups, and even audiences over 1,200 people as well.

Also check out my new book
coming in 2015.

This is the time where we need a book like this.

Everyone that goes on a trip is a photographer. It doesn't matter if it is your brand new DSLR camera or your iPhone, you are a photographer. It is your responsibility to tell people's stories through your work. How can you do that? This book is full of great information on everything from photography basics to how to talk to locals. It will be the only photo book you need before you go on your next missions trip.